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9G-7641, Ignition Switch

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Brand New Aftermarket Ignition Switch

  • Brand Name: DURAFORCE
  • Part Number: 9G-7641, 9G7641
  • Quantity: 1

Compatible With

  • CAT EARTHMOVING COMPACTOR(s): 825C, 816F, 825G, 826C, 836, 826G, 836G, 815F
  • CAT WHEELED LOADER(s): 950G, 970F, 926E, 950F II, 962G, 936, 994D, G936, 980F, 966G, 972G, 988F, 926, G926, 928F, 980G, 960F, 980F II, 924F, 936E, 992G, 966F II, 916, 980C, 994, 966F, 910F, 936F, 918F, 910E, 950F, 938F, 988F II, 992C, 992D, 990 II, G916, 988B, 990
  • CAT WHEELED SKIDDER(s): 515, 525, 508, 545
  • CAT OFF-HIGHWAY TRUCK(s): 789D, 771C, 785B, 789, 776C, 773B, 793, 793C, 769C, 784C, 785D, 784B, 793B, 776, 768C, 789C, 777, 777B, 797, 797B, 775B, 785, 772B, 785C, 789B, 793D, 777C, 776B
  • CAT TRACK LOADER(s): 953C, 933C, 973C, 939, 931C II, 963C, 973, 963B, 953B, 933, 935C II, 939C
  • CAT TELEHANDLER(s): RT100, TH83, TH63, TH82, RT80
  • CAT ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK(s): D350E, D300B, D400E, D400D, D250E, D40D, D300E, D30D, D300D, D250D, D25D, D250B, D20D, D350D
  • CAT MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR(s): 305, 307D, 306, 305.5, 308D, 306E2, 304C, CR, 304, 303.5C, 305.5E2, 303C, CR, 303, 305C, CR, 305.5E, 306E
  • CAT ROAD RECLAIMER(s): RM-250C, RR-250, RM-350B, SS-250B, SM-350, RM-350, SS-250, RR-250B
  • CAT COLD PLANER(s): PM-465, PM-201, PM-565, PR-1000, PM-565B, PR-450C, PR-1000C
  • CAT MOTOR GRADER(s): 160H NA, 120H, 12H, 163H NA, 140H NA, 160H ES, 140H, 12H NA, 120G, 140H ES, 12G, 120H NA, 143H, 135H NA, 135H, 140G, 160H, 160G, 16H NA, 24H, 14H NA, 130G, 120H ES, 14G, 16G, 12H, ES
  • CAT WHEELED EXCAVATOR(s): W330B, M316C, M313C, M315C, W345B II, M322C, M325C MH, W345C MH, M318C MH, M318C, M325B
  • CAT PAVING COMPACTOR(s): CS-533C, CB-224C, CP-433C, CB-225D, CS-531, PS-360C, CP-553, CS-573C, CS-431C, PS-300B, CB-434C, CB-534, CS-531C, CS-653, CB-335D, CB-434B, PF-300C, PS-150C, CS-433B, CS-583, CB-434, CS-643, CB-334D, CB-214C, CP-563, CB-634, CB-534B, CP-563C, CB-634C, CP-533, CP-643, CS-583C, PS-200B, CS-433C, CP-533C, PS-150B, PF-300B, CB-214D, CB-535B, PS-300C, CP-323C, CP-433B, CS-551, PS-360B, CS-563C, CB-545, CS-533, CS-553, CB-224B, CS-323, CS-563, CB-314, CS-573, CP-323, CS-323C, CB-214B, PF-290B, CB-544, CS-431B, CB-534C, CP-653, CB-224D
  • CAT BACKHOE LOADER(s): 426, 436, 438, 428, 416, 446
  • CAT WHEEL DOZER(s): 844, 834B, 854G, 834S, 834U, 824G, 824C, 814F
  • CAT ASPHALT PAVER(s): BG-230, AP-1000B, BG-240C, AP-900B, AP-255E, AP-650B, AP-800, AP-1055B, BG-210B, BG-245C, BG-2455C, AP-200B, AP-1050B, BG-260C, AP-800C, AP-800B, AP-800D, BG-225B, AP-300D, BG-225C, BG-230D
  • CAT EXCAVATOR(s): 325C, 329D L, 320B L, 322C FM, 385C, 325D FM, 320D, 314D LCR, 320 L, 320-A S, 345B II, 325D, 319D LN, 320-A L, 330D L, 323D L, 328D LCR, 320B, 320D GC, 324D L, 375-A, 235C, 322C, 324D, 330C L, 345D L, 245, 325 LN, 5080, 345C L, 345C, 374D L, 320C, 330B L, 5090B, EL180, 320C FM, 336D L, 330C FM, 235B, 319C, 324D LN, 349D L, 385C L, 5230, 320D LRR, 225D, 235D, 330D, 319D, 315C, 320-A N, 325D FM LL, 323D SA, EL300B, 320D L, 336D, 245B, 365B L, 5230B, 312C, 325-A L, 365C, 322B, 385B, 325-A, 315D L, 312D L, 312B L, 318B N, 322 L, 323D LN, 365B, 318C, 325 L, 330-A L, 330D FM, 320D FM, 330 L, 325D MH, 312B, 320B LL, 390D L, 375-A L, 229D, 329D, 225B, 329D LN, E300, 322-A LN, 345B L, 311D LRR, 322B L, 325B L, 322 LN, E300B, 321D LCR, 320D LN, 322N, 325D L, 330-A L, 315B L, 330-A, 312D, 320D RR, 365B II, 330 LN, E120B, EL300, 312C L, 330C, 215C, 325-A LN, 345D L VG, 330B, 345D, 317B L, 235, 322-A, EL240C, 320B U, 320B N, 322-A L, 365C L, 317B LN, 325C FM, 245D, 350-A, 330B LN, E240C, 385C FS, 314D CR, 330-A LN, 345C MH, 219, 311B, 322-A N, 390D, 330C MH, 365C L MH, 315B, 229, 345B, EL240, 349D, 5130B, 321B, 320B FM LL, 319D L, 215B, E240B, 324D FM, 350 L, 318B, 350-A L, 330C LN, 336D LN, E110B, 322B LN, 345B II MH, 320D FM RR, 320N, EL240B, E240, 324D FM LL, 315B, FM L, 323D S, 323D, 320B, LU, 385C L MH, 330D MH, 320-A, 231D, E200B, E180, 330D LN, 325C L, 325B, 219D, 225, 320B S, 325B LN, 215D, 5130, EL200B, 320C L, 325-A FM L
  • CAT WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER(s): 637E, 627E, 621E, 623E, 615C II, 631E, 657, 657E, 623F, 633E II, 621F, 621S, 613C II, 651E, 615C, 657B, 627F, 613C, 651B, 611
  • CAT TRACK TRACTOR(s): 6 D9R D6R D4H 5A PAT 8 D6H 7S D7H D7R 54 9 D5H 4P D5C III D5C PAT D3C III 59 9SU 6A 5S 6S 7A D6M 8S 8U 8A D6H XR D4C III D8L D6H II 7 D3G D5M 57 9U D6G 4S D8R 7SU 7S LGP D6F SR D6E 6SU 59N 8SU 7U 5P D3C II D6G SR D4G D5 11U 56 9C 5A D5G D11R D4H III D4C II 11 9S 4 53 55 D8N 58 4A D11N D10N D9N D5C 57H 56H 10 10SU D7G 5 10U D10R D6H XL D5H XL D5C PATLGP 11SU D9L 59L D4H XL 3 58L

Parts can vary depending on the serial number of the machine.