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Embracing the Future with Bobcat's Revolutionary All-Electric Loaders

Bobcat's T7X world's first all-electric compact loader

In a world where industries are continuously advancing towards greener solutions, Bobcat is pioneering the way in the compact equipment sector. The company's innovative spirit, which led to the creation of the world's first skid-steer loader over six decades ago, has not waned. Instead, it has manifested in the form of the T7X and S7X - the world's first all-electric compact loaders, driving the industry into an emissions-free future.

Redefining Performance

The T7X and S7X aren't just notable for being all-electric - they set a new standard for performance as well. Unlike traditional diesel/hydraulic machines that often experience power lag, these loaders can simultaneously power drive, lift, and tilt functions with a noticeable increase in power. This means that they deliver extraordinary performance without any tradeoffs, even when operating multiple functions concurrently.

Maintenance and Operator Comfort: Two Birds, One Stone

Reduced maintenance needs and enhanced operator comfort make these all-electric loaders a paradigm shift in heavy machinery. With 50% fewer components and 96% less fluid than their conventional counterparts, the T7X and S7X significantly simplify troubleshooting and cut down on maintenance needs.

In addition, these machines provide a significant boost to operator comfort. Thanks to the electric power system, noise and vibration levels are drastically reduced, leading to a smoother, quieter operating experience that is unmatched by traditional loaders.

A Cleaner, Quieter Way to Work

Zero emissions and near-silent operation characterize the T7X and S7X, making them ideal for indoor use or in noise-restricted areas. They provide a powerful yet quiet solution for tackling tough jobs, offering a greener and more cost-effective alternative to manual labor.

Power and Compatibility

Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, the loaders maintain a consistent voltage throughout their charge, which can be achieved using a 220/240V 50-amp power service. The T7X and S7X boast impressive specs, including a 2900 lb operating capacity, an 8429 lb tipping load, and approximately 80 kW of peak power.

Moreover, these loaders maintain compatibility with many non-hydraulic Bobcat attachments, offering versatility in addition to their many other benefits. As part of their ongoing innovation, Bobcat is also developing a new line of electric attachments designed specifically for these loaders.


In conclusion, with the introduction of the T7X and S7X, Bobcat isn't just moving the heavy machinery industry forward - it's propelling it into a greener, more efficient future.