144-6691, Hydraulic Oil Filter

For Caterpillar


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Brand New Aftermarket Hydraulic Oil Filter

  • Brand Name: DURAFORCE
  • Part Number: 144-6691, 1446691
  • Outer Diameter: 3.82 Inches (97 MM)
  • Thread Size: 1 3/8-12 UN
  • Length: 5.98 Inches (152 MM)
  • Gasket OD: 2.76 Inches (70 MM)
  • Gasket ID: 2.48 Inches (63 MM)
  • Efficiency Beta 2: 4 MICRON
  • Efficiency Beta 200: 9 MICRON
  • Efficiency Beta 1000: 11 MICRON
  • Operating Temperature: -20 degrees F to 250 degrees F
  • Style: Spin-On
  • Quantity: 1

Compatible With

  • Caterpillar Wheel-type Loader: 938K, 930K, 924K, 926M, 938M, 930M
  • Caterpillar Material Handler: MH3059, MH3037, MH3049
  • Caterpillar Engine - Generator Set: G3516B, G3520B, PMG3516, C18
  • Caterpillar Petroleum Products: TH35-C11I, CX31-C13I, TH35-E81, CX31-C9I, TH31-C9I, TH31-E61, TH31-C9T, CX31-P600, TH35-C13T, CX31-C11I, CX31-C18I, TH35-C13I, TH35-C15I, TH31-C9P, CX31-C15I, TH35-C15T
  • Caterpillar Paving Compactor: CB-335D, CB-34B, CB-22, CB-22B, CB-24B, CP-433B, CC-34B, CB-32B, CB-334E, CB-225E, CB-224E, CC-24B, CB-24, CB-334D, CS-433B, CB-14, CB-34, XW, CB-335E, CB-225D, CB-34B, XW, CB1.7, CB-34, CB-224D, CC-24, CB-214E, CC-34, CB1.8, CB-36B, CB-32, CB-334E, XW, CB-214D
  • Caterpillar Wheel-type Skidder: 535D, 525D, 545D, 555D, 528B, 525, 515, 530B, 518C
  • Caterpillar Asphalt Paver: BG-2455C, AP-1000B, BG-210B, BG-230D, BG-240C, BG-225B, AP-1055B, AP-1050B, AP-800, BG-245C, AP-1050, BG-225C, AP-800C, BG-230, AP-650B, BG-260C, AP-800D, AP-800B, AP-900B, AP-1000
  • Caterpillar Articulated Dump Truck: 740, 730, 725, 735
  • Caterpillar Track-type Tractor:D3K, XL, D6M, D6N, D3G, D5K, LGP, D4G, D5G, D5K, XL, D5M, D5N, D3K, LGP, D4K, XL, D4K, LGP
  • Caterpillar Road Reclaimer: SM-350, RM-250C, SS-250B, RM-300, RM-350B, RR-250B, RM-350, RM-500, RR-250, SS-250

Parts can vary depending on the serial number of the machine.