4N-4314, Fuel Pump

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Brand New Aftermarket Fuel Pump

  • Brand Name: DURAFORCE
  • Part Number: 4N-4314, 4N4314
  • Quantity: 1


  • Caterpillar wheel-type loader: 950F 918F 966C 972G 980F II 910F 966D 950F II 966G 928F 910 970F 966F II 938F 966F 960F 980G 916 910E 980C 930R 936F G910 950E 980F 966E 924F 988B 930T 950B/950E
  • Caterpillar challenger: 75E 85D 65B 75C 65D 70C 65C 85C 35 85E 95E 65E 75 65 45 75D
  • Caterpillar engine - generator set: 3412 3412C 3408 3306B 3406B 3208 3406C 3408C 3408B 3512 3304 3306 3304B 3406 3508
  • Caterpillar wheel-type skidder: 545 525B 525 535B 528B 518C 530B 515
  • Caterpillar off-highway truck: 773B 775B 769C 771D 769D 772B 768C 773D 775E 775D 773E
  • Caterpillar engine - machine: C-9 3304 3306 3176C 3116
  • Caterpillar track-type loader: 963 931B 973C 931C II 951 931C 935C 953B 931 935B 955L 973 955 935C II
  • Caterpillar engine - industrial: 3304 3306 3116 3114 3408 3406B 3412 C-9 3204 3208 SPS342 3304B SPT342 3126 SCT673 3306B C9 3406C 3126B D330C 3176C 3406E 3412E 3408E 3408B 3406 3408C D333C 3176B 3412C 3196 SR4
  • Caterpillar articulated dump truck: D30D D40D D25D D300E II D20D D250E D350E D300E D400E D250E II D400D D300D D350D D250D
  • Caterpillar telehandler: RT100 RT80
  • Caterpillar combine: 465 460 470
  • Caterpillar road reclaimer: RM-350 RR-250 RR-250B SS-250 SM-350 RM-250C RM-350B SS-250B
  • Caterpillar motor grader: 140G 14H NA 140H 140H ES 12H 16H 160H ES 140H NA 16G 160H 163H NA 16H NA 12H NA 12G 12H ES 120G 143H 160H NA 130G 163H 14H
  • Caterpillar wheeled excavator: M318 W345B II W330B
  • Caterpillar paving compactor: CS-583 CS-531C CS-563C CB-634 CP-533 CS-563 CP-553 CB-614 CP-563C CS-533 CS-573C CB-534 CP-533C PS-500 CP-563 CS-551 CS-583C CS-533C CS-531 CS-553 CS-573 CB-634C
  • Caterpillar underground articulated truck: AD40 AE40
  • Caterpillar excavator: 320C 235 330-A 330-A L 325 L 320-A L 330B 5110B 330B L 325-A FM L 322-A 350-A 320-A N 330 L 225B 330B LN 325-A L 320-A 345B L 235C 320 L 214B 330-A L 320N 245D 235D 350-A L 322 L 322-A L 375-A 5080 245B 345B 325-A 225D 231D 325 LN 345B II 322-A LN 320-A S 322 LN 214B FT 322N 345B II MH 330-A LN 375-A L 213B 229 330 LN 322-A N 325-A LN 350 L
  • Caterpillar wheel tractor-scraper: 627B 637E 627E 637D 623F 639D 621S 637G 621F 623E 621E 627G 623B 627F 621B
  • Caterpillar earthmoving compactor: 816B 836 826G 825G 826C 825C 825
  • Caterpillar generator: SR4
  • Caterpillar engine - truck: 3406B C-12 3176 3406C 3126B 3406E C9 3306 C7 3306C C-16 C-10 3176B 3208 3116 3306B 3126 3114 3408B 3408 3126E
  • Caterpillar petroleum products: C9 CX31-P600 TH31-C9I CX31-C9I TH31-E61 TH31-C9P
  • Caterpillar cold planer: PR-1000C PM-565 PR-1000 PM-465 PM-565B PR-450C PR-750B PR-450
  • Caterpillar forest products: 227 533 550 543 570 TK1051 580 574
  • Caterpillar track-type skidder: 54H D5HTSK II D4HTSK II 4P
  • Caterpillar backhoe loader: 446B 446
  • Caterpillar wheel dozer: 824G 824C 824S 814B 834B 834S 834U
  • Caterpillar asphalt paver: AP-1055B AP-1050 BG-2455C AP-1000 WE-851B AP-1000B AP-1050B AP-1200 BG-245C BG-260C
  • Caterpillar integrated toolcarrier: IT28F IT38F IT18F IT12 IT14F IT14B IT12B IT24F IT28B
  • Caterpillar pipelayer: 572G 561D
  • Caterpillar marine products: 3412 3406C 3304B 3176C 3306B 3196 3408C 3408 3176B 3208 3406B 3408B 3304 3412C 3116 3306 3406E
  • Caterpillar track-type tractor: D6H 163 4P 6 D3C 7S D7G 7 D4C II D4H D6D 7A D7H 153 D6H XR D6E D8N D7R 56H 5P 6SU D6H II D6R D4E D7G2 8SU D5H 6S 55 D3 D6G 6A D5 4 56 D3C II D5E 57H 4A 8A D8R 4S 53 D9R D4C D6E SR 5 D3B D7F 54 D6D SR D4B 3P 7SU 8 D10R D4E SR 7U D6F SR 5S D5H XL 8U D6G SR D8R II 57 3 D6H XL
  • Caterpillar load, haul, dump: R1300 R1600 R1700 II R1700G

Parts can vary depending on the serial number of the machine.

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