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AH212103, Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

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Brand New Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

  • Brand Name: DURAFORCE
  • Part Number: AH212103
  • Bore: 115mm
  • Quantity: 1

Compatible With

  • John Deere Articulated Loader(s): 444H (Loader Bucket Tilt), 544H (Loader Boom Lift)
  • John Deere Crawler Tractor-Loader(s): 850C II (Dozer Angle - S/N: 904887-Up), 850J (Dozer Lift, Dozer Angle), 850K (Dozer Lift - S/N: 178122-Up - Power Angle Tilt Arrangement, Dozer Angle - S/N: 178122-Up)
  • John Deere Loader/Backhoe(s): 310C (Backhoe Boom), 310D (Backhoe Boom), 310E 310SE (Backhoe Crowd - 310SE Only), 310G 310SG (Backhoe Crowd - 310SG Only), 310SJ (Backhoe Crowd), 310SK (Backhoe Crowd), 315D (Backhoe Boom), 315SE (Backhoe Crowd), 315SG (Backhoe Crowd), 410C (Backhoe Boom), 410D (Backhoe Boom, Backhoe Crowd - Heavy Lift Arrangement), 410E (Backhoe Crowd), 410G (Backhoe Crowd), 410J (Backhoe Crowd), 510C (Backhoe Crowd), 510D (Backhoe Crowd), 610C (Backhoe Crowd), 710B (Backhoe Swing), 710C (Loader Bucket Tilt, Backhoe Stabilizer, Backhoe Swing), 710D (Loader Bucket Tilt, Backhoe Stabilizer, Backhoe Swing), 710G (Backhoe Stabilizer), 710J (Backhoe Stabilizer)
  • John Deere Scraper(s): 1810E (Ejector - S/N: 80000-Up)
  • John Deere Wheel Loader(s): 444J (Loader Bucket Tilt), 444K (Bucket - Z-Bar), 524K (Bucket - S/N: Prior 642245), 544H LL (Loader Boom Lift), 624H LL (Loader Bucket Tilt), 624J (T.C. Tilt - S/N: 1-611796, Tilt - S/N 1-611796), 624K (T.C. Bucket), 624KR (Bucket), TC54H (Loader Boom Lift), TC62H (Loader Bucket Tilt)

Parts can vary depending on the serial number of the machine.

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