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RE522794, Fuel Pressure Sensor

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Brand New Aftermarket Fuel Pressure Sensor

  • Brand Name: DURAFORCE
  • Part Number: RE522794
  • Quantity: 1

Compatible With

  • John Deere Tractor(s): 7185J, 7205J, 7225J, 8130, 8225R, 8230, 8230T, 8245R, 8270R, 8295R, 8320R, 8320RT, 8330, 8330T, 8345R, 8345RT, 8430T, 8530, 9230
  • John Deere Combine(s): S550, S560, S650, S660, S670, S670HM, S760, S770, T550, T560, T660, T670, W540, W550, W650, W660, 9560 STS, 9570 STS, 9640 WTS, 9660 STS, 9660 WTS, 9670 STS, 9770 STS, 9780 CTS
  • John Deere Harvester(s): CH330, CH530, CH570, 3520, 7180, 7250, 7660, 8100, 8200, 9970
  • John Deere Construction & Industrial(s): 120D, 130G, 160DLC, 160GLC, 180GLC, 200DLC, 210G, 210GLC, 250D, 250GLC, 270DLC, 290GLC, 300D, 310E, 350DLC, 350GLC, 380GLC, 524KII, 540H, 544KII, 548H, 620G, 620GP, 622G, 622GP, 624J, 624K, 624KII, 624KR, 640GII, 640H, 640L, 644J, 644K, 648GII, 648H, 648HTJ, 648L, 670G, 670GP, 672G, 672GP, 703JH, 724K, 744K, 744KII, 748H, 748HTJ, 748L, 755D, 764, 770G, 770GP, 772G, 772GP, 803M, 810D, 810E, 844KII, 848H, 848HTJ, 848L, 850J, 853M, 870G, 870GP, 872G, 872GP, 903K, 903KH, 903M, 909K, 909KH, 909M, 948L, 953K, 953M, 959K, 959M, 1010D, 1010E, 1070E, 1110D, 1110E, 1170E, 1210E, 1270D, 1270E, 1270G, 1410D, 1470D, 1470E, 1470G, 1490D, 1510E, 1910E

Parts can vary depending on the serial number of the machine.

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